I0coin development is continued at https://izerocoin.org/

Please upgrade to (at least) i0coin-0.8.3-2 (or current git HEAD, branch i0coin-0.8.x) as soon as possible. All old clients are on an unsafe, unsupported and mostly stale fork of the I0coin blockchain. The fork occured on September 10th.

I0coin resurrection of August 2013

Documentation and discussion on bitcointalk.org:

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In an old and interesting article by Marc Bevand, you can read about the history of the coin. Was there ever a second tangible good sold for I0coin?


Development takes place at http://github.com/rsnel/i0coin/. The following branches are of interest:



Releases before i0coin-0.8.3-2 are deprecated and don't work beyond block 895079. Everybody should upgrade to at least i0coin-0.8.3-2.